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Love You? HAHAHA! Poetry Competition

Write a poem in any style about a terrible love experience. Deadline is today! Entries due by April 29, 2017

The America Library of Poetry

With a mission to 'fan the flames of literacy', this poetry contest offers a cash prize. Date Due: Ongoing.

Zombie craze Poetry Competition

Get in on the Zombie craze! "The Walking Dead", the impending Zombie apocalypse! Write a Zombie 5-7-5 poem in 17 syllables. Be scary or humorous. Have fun!! Deadline is today! Entries due by April 29, 2017

Competition Poetry Contest

Write a free verse poem. Free verse is a form of poetry that does not necessarily follow to any specific meter patterns, rhyme, or any other pattern. Free verse, despite its freedom, often still has some elements of form. Most free verse does observe a convention of lines and structure. No rhyming patterns. Deadline in 1 days. Entries due by April 30, 2017

What Makes Me Happy Poetry Competition

Write a RHYMED poem, minimum three stanzas long, on what makes you happy. Any rhyme scheme, any style - from a sonnet to a quatrain. NO FREE VERSE. Deadline in 2 days. Entries due by May 1, 2017

Tom Howard/Margaret Reid Contest

Enter a poem in any style or genre to enter this contest at Winning Writers. Date Due: April 15th.

Lyrics Make The Song Poetry Competition

Everybody knows that the lyrics make the song. So, Lyricists, write the lyrics to your new Hits.

Any music genre okay from Traditional Country on down the line. Deadline in 4 days. Entries due by May 3, 2017

Poem of length Poetry Competition

This is a topic based contest. Write a poem based on the topic provided in the announcement.
It must be a poem of length (at least 14 stanzas, more encouraged!) and about a real person alive or dead. Rhyme or Free verse. Deadline in 1 week. Entries due by May 8, 2017

Reader's Digest

Share an original poem with 15 lines or less to enter this poetry contest. Date Due: January 30th.

Song-title poem Poetry Contest

SongTitlepoem rhyming or not, your choice, any style, any subject Deadline in 1 week. Entries due by May 8, 2017

Forge a Poem Poetry Competition

Forge a poem that regards blacksmiths, smithing, or both. May be a modern setting, ancient setting, or fantasy. Rhyming poems only. Must be at least 16 lines, and a minimum of 6 syllables per line. Entries due by May 17, 2017

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We provide a list popular poetry contests in 2017. We have listed the contests by deadline. Click on the name of the poetry competition to find out more about the contest including the detailed rules. Only a summary is shown here. We've also included the deadline for each of the 2017 poetry competitions listed.


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