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I assume...... Poetry Competition

A poem that is "assumptive" The beginning starts with one thing you assume to be true but ends up not true, Can be any style Deadline is today! Entries due by February 28, 2017

The America Library of Poetry

With a mission to 'fan the flames of literacy', this poetry contest offers a cash prize. Date Due: Ongoing.

Write A Senryu Poetry Competition

A senryu is a three line Japanese poem structurally similar to haiku. It is unrhymed and the subject is based human nature. Line 1 - 5 syllables - Line 2 - 7 syllables - Line 3 - 5 syllables. I Deadline in 1 days. Entries due by March 1, 2017

Abecdarian Poem Poetry Contest

Write an abecdarian poem, using the 26 letters of the alphabet chronologically. An abecedarian poem is a special form of an acrostic poem, in which the initial letters of the words beginning each line or stanza spell out the alphabet in order. Deadline in 1 days. Entries due by March 1, 2017

Fire and Rain Poetry Competition

"Fire and Rain"

This is to be any length or type of poetry.
Express what this line's content means to you in your life.
The words "fire and rain" each have to be used, but not necessarily together Deadline in 2 days. Entries due by March 2, 2017

Tom Howard/Margaret Reid Contest

Enter a poem in any style or genre to enter this contest at Winning Writers. Date Due: April 15th.

Ottawa Rima Poetry Competition

Write an Ottava Rima.

A Ottava Rima is a poem written in 8-line octives. Each line is of a 10 or 11 syllable count in the following rhyme:

one octive poem. abababcc
two octive poem. abababcc, dededeff
three octive poem. abababcc, dededeff, ghghghii

...so on and so on

In this contest, there is a two octive maximum.

He is There

When sorrow lies entrenched within your heart
And doubts, like ocean waves, around you churn,
When chaos reigns o?er life and won?t depart
And for the peace of yesterday you yearn,
When evil thoughts are tearing you apart
And there is nowhere left for you to turn,
When dark of night persists throughout your day,
It?s time to fall upon your knees and pray.

For God is there, He?s always by your side,
He is your life?s companion and your friend,
He?s with you through each bitter storm you ride,
From morn?s first light to sunset at day?s end.
You must give up your bitterness and pride
And to your Lord extend your hand again.
He only wants for you to ask Him in
And you will be forgiven for your sin.

Copyright © 2003 Linda Newman Deadline in 2 days. Entries due by March 2, 2017

Write a Senryu Poetry Competition

The challenge for this prompt is to write a senryu. Deadline in 3 days. Entries due by March 3, 2017

Reader's Digest

Share an original poem with 15 lines or less to enter this poetry contest. Date Due: January 30th.

Horror Tanka Poetry Contest

For this contest you are asked to write a tanka featuring a horror theme. The syllable count required is 5/7/5/7/7 Deadline in 4 days. Entries due by March 4, 2017

Unrequited Love Poetry Competition

Write a poem on the subject of unrequired love. See contest announcement for rules. Deadline in 1 week. Entries due by March 8, 2017

Jisei contest (haiku) Poetry Contest

Japan has a long history of jisei, or death poems. Jisei is the "farewell poem to life." These poems were written by literate people just before their death.
Jisei was written in kanshi, waka, and haiku. Deadline in 1 week. Entries due by March 12, 2017

Double or Nothing Poetry Competition

Write a poem based on the topic of your choice. Requirement is to write in etheree style incorporating alliteration. It has to include the two (double) or will not qualify (nothing) Entries due by April 1, 2017

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