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Urban legend...or is it? Poetry Competition

Write a poem of more than six stanzas, rhyming or free verse, about an Urban Legend Horror, such as Bloody Mary or the Hitchhiker. Or maybe you are terrified by one you have heard is true... Deadline in 1 days. Entries due by December 14, 2017

The America Library of Poetry

With a mission to 'fan the flames of literacy', this poetry contest offers a cash prize. Date Due: Ongoing.

Trinet Poetry Poetry Competition

The Trinet, created by zion, is a form with specific specifications. See the details and an example in the announcement. Deadline in 1 days. Entries due by December 14, 2017

New Adjacency Poem Form Poetry Contest

This is a tough one, only for the brave of brains. Let's see if at least five daring FS whizzes are ready to gamble the five-and-a-half member dollars.

Adjacency Poetry Form rules:

Adjacent words must rhyme with preceding or succeeding adjacent word. (S's are permissible as rhyme endings or beginnings.)
Entire poem must be interconnected.
The poem must make sense, in that it could be used in some other conceivable context.
20-word minimum.
Include nothing likely to offend straight-laced folks.
Use only basic and advanced editors for one font and background color.
If all the above requirements have been met, the voters are asked to select the most entertaining entry.

Short sample:

Oh no! I buy some dumb green jeans teens adore!
Therefore, I cry, "Now, how, would, could, I buy?"
Deadline in 1 days. Entries due by December 14, 2017

Tyburn poetry Poetry Competition

A six line poem consisting of 2, 2, 2, 2, 9, 9 syllables.
The first four lines rhyme and are all descriptive words. The last two lines rhyme and incorporate the first, second, third, and fourth lines as the 5th through 8th syllables.

Syllable Count

line 1 - 2 syllables
line 2 - 2 syllables
line 3 - 2 syllables
line 4 - 2 syllables
line 5 - 9 syllables
line 6 - 9 syllables


Sowing (2 syllables)
Hoeing (2 syllables)
Growing (2 syllables)
Mowing (2 syllables)

Planting gardens, sowing, hoeing grounds. (9 syllables)
Sunshine keeps all growing, mowing mounds.(9 syllables)
- written by Marion Gibson Deadline in 2 days. Entries due by December 15, 2017

Tom Howard/Margaret Reid Contest

Enter a poem in any style or genre to enter this contest at Winning Writers. Date Due: April 15th.

Ode To Winter Poetry Competition

Write a poem in 5/7/5 format about winter. Deadline in 3 days. Entries due by December 16, 2017

Horror Hi-jinks Poetry Competition

A humorous poem featuring a horror theme. Entries due by December 28, 2017

Reader's Digest

Share an original poem with 15 lines or less to enter this poetry contest. Date Due: January 30th.

Lyrics Make The Song Contest Poetry Contest


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